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I Will Remember You


How can You Mend a Broken Heart
the Little Pieces of Your Soul that No One Else Could See
Fragmented Glass Piercing Within..?

How do You Salvage a Battered Spirit
When Midnight Dims with Life’s Ebbing Tide
Pulling Us Down So Far Into the Dark..?

How do You Reignite Faded Hopes
that Scuttle
Like a Paper Cup in the Wind Somewhere Along the Road…?

We Cry, My Friends!
We Cry
Like a Storm
Cascading Down the Dirt and Grime
on the Windshield of Life.

We Embrace, Me and Thee!
Never Again To Be Alone
Thy Solitary Shadow Must Flee
by the Bonds of Love and Friendship.

And After the Tears Have Dried,
When the Sunlight Melts the Bitter Frost Within You
When Evil Extracts a Toll that Destroys All Hope…

We Rise, People!
Rise and Be Bold!
With a Champion’s Heart
that Wills the Warrior to Live
Only Courage Remains.

Remember the Friendship
that Warmed the Heart when the World was Cold

Remember the Smiles
that Free Us From Sorrow

Remember the Laughter
that Danced in My Eyes, and
I Will Remember You.

3 comments on “I Will Remember You

  1. bkpyett
    September 18, 2015

    Beautiful and heartfelt! I hope you are feeling full of courage as your poem implies Raja. Lovely to see you back again! ❤


    • raroto
      September 18, 2015

      Thanks Barbara 🙂 Good to see you too!


  2. rascunho-draft
    May 19, 2017

    Wow is a great poem, I always ask myself these questions from the beginning of the text and then I really cry, and it’s long dark nights. But after going through this a few times I know that the sun is opening and that we stay longer and it is a great experience for us, that’s how we grow.

    Liked by 1 person

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