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Big thanks to waywordness, now I can fill up my Sunday afternoon taking part in this fun lil’ project instead of bitching about the rain too much (cats and dogs and squirrels out there!).  

This tag was created to let people know about your book published or Work-In-Process or just have fun.

Here are the rules: Copy the questions below and answer them. Then, tag five people to do the tag and notify them; make sure to leave a comment including your post’s URL for the person who tagged you, so that they can go read your post!

Let’s begin!

Eight questions await your answers,

Eight social media it reveals.

Carry on, the knights and lancers.

The crowd is waiting with the squeals.

TWITTER — Describe your plot in 140 characters or less.

33-year old julia Matti woke up one morning and suddenly knew that she was going to die at the end of the day. How can she know this? Who or what told her? What will her last hours on earth be like? Or can she buy more time?

FACEBOOK — With your parents/grandparents flooding this site, who is your oldest character?

The oldest character in my book would be the Messenger. He’s 55 and he works at DHL.

INSTAGRAM — What does one of your characters look like?

I want Sandra Bullock to play “Julia Matti” (I’m hoping my book will be made into a movie someday. Aiming high here people, aiming high!)


WORDPRESS — Designing your theme is the funnest part, so how would/did you design your book cover?

My book cover will have a riot of colors. I’ve been told books with colorful designs on their cover sell more 😉

TUMBLR — Naming your blog is so difficult! What did you name your book?


SPRING.ME — Get your weirdest questions answered. Ask your main character one weird question, and have that character answer.

Poor Julia, her final minutes on Earth are up, and I had to ask her this:

Me: Do birds pee?

Julia: What the Hell are you asking me that for?! I have less than 5 minutes to live dammit! I have goodbye letters to write, my stupid cat refuses to get off of my computer, I don’t know where I put my insurance policy and I haven’t even had my coffee! Now go bother someone else and leave alone!

PANDORA/SPOTIFY — What kind of music are you playing whilst writing? If you don’t listen to music, what do you think your main character would listen to?

ENIGMA’s Platinum Collection now playing softly in the background as I write.

MYSPACE — All good things must come to an end! What is one book idea that you were really into, but lost interest in?

I had this grand idea to write about myself, but just can’t seem to    get past page 10. Hee 🙂

Tag You’re It, ladies…!

  1. http://nonsmokingladybug.wordpress.com/
  2. http://grieflessons.wordpress.com/
  3. http://christinejrandall.wordpress.com/
  4. http://mcwilson1956.wordpress.com/
  5. http://barbarapyett.wordpress.com/



6 comments on “SOCIAL MEDIA TAG

  1. ChristineR
    September 23, 2014

    Which one am I … the random one?


  2. bkpyett
    September 24, 2014

    Raja, have done this hope you’ll have a read! Thank you for including me as it has got me back to the computer! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Pingback: Let’s play “Social Media Tag” | Christine R

    • raroto
      September 24, 2014

      Oh goody! I’ll pop over in a bit!


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