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Ho ho…those guys down at the Legal Drafting Division would have a field day on today’s prompt!

The Parliamentary draftsmen and draftswomen at the Attorney-General’s Chambers eat, breathe, and worship every punctuation mark known to man, tho I suspect there is one or two more they’ve kept hidden as a secret weapon in case the Bill gets rejected 🙂

I’ve had the occasion to sit through a couple of sessions with them concerning a draft legislation or Bill that’s about to be tabled in Parliament.  There they were, sitting across me at the discussion table – hard at work, with a permanent frown plastered on their faces, grinding their noses in on copious amount of ink on paper. I was there to give inputs on the “criminal” aspects.

I can’t help but admire them because drafting is meticulous work – of having to go through godzillion number of words, line by line, crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s, so that what’s written is what is meant or is that the other way round? Never mind. 

But drafting a legislation is also dead boring! Don’t believe me? Try sitting through 2 hours scrutinizing one stupid line and you’ll know what I mean. Should it be worded this way? Why is there a comma here? Maybe we should try putting a semicolon after the ‘and’. What if something-something were to happen, can this provision apply?

Well if you ask me, what’s already written is as clear as daylight, and since I am not blessed with the ability to see into the future, I say we deal with that “something something” when it happens!

Now don’t get me wrong. I write this without a hint of malice against my learned brethrens and sisters down on the sixth floor. Scout’s Honor! I have the utmost respect and admiration for them because what they do really is important.

Having said that, I would rather do the ‘admiring’ some place far away from this goddamned meeting room! I’m not going to apologize for saying this, but I am a prosecutor, have been one for the longest time and I.Hate.Drafting work!

I’d be more than delighted to grind my nose on multiple puncture wounds than to have to pick on some punctuation marks, thank you very much!

Now let’s go dot some Ts and cross the I’s, shall we…? Heh 😉

Thanks for reading 🙂

7 comments on “By the Dots: MEET THE DRAFTERS

  1. tyrocharm
    June 30, 2014

    I’m hoping this is a fiction piece. . . . this kind of job is. . . completely out of my range of endurance. lol


    • raroto
      June 30, 2014

      I’m afraid it’s not a fiction tyrocharm. It takes a special set of trained people to draft a legislation, and I am certainly Not one of them 😀


  2. tyrocharm
    June 30, 2014

    oh, I’m so happy to know you are not that kind of special.
    :::she grins:::


  3. bkpyett
    June 30, 2014

    Indeed you are special! To be a prosecutor must take a lot of sensitive weighing up and down, but thankfully, not needing to worry about how many commas! Enjoyed reading about your job!


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