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I was sitting at a long banquet table in a brightly lit building that resembled the UN General Assembly hall.

I was not alone, mind you. The World leaders were there, every one of them has a little country flag which some were holding, while others had it pinned on their jacket lapels.

I couldn’t see all their faces, but from the country flags I know the Russian President, George Bush, and the Prime Ministers of India, New Zealand, Finland and Japan were there. The one guy whose face was clear to me was the Thai Premier, not the pretty Yingluck lady, but one of the Army Generals. He was sitting on my left, polishing his medals.

None of them spoke to me; instead they were having a loud discussion, an argument of sorts, pointing fingers at each other. The Indian PM and Russian President were the most excitable and animated – one minute they were sitting down and seconds later, they took off running around the banquet table. I have no idea why.

All this time I was wide-eyed, my eye-balls going left right left right like a ping pong ball, utterly bewildered by the chaotic scene. I remember saying to myself, when are we going to eat, I’m hungry, man!!

The next minute, I saw myself at the podium, addressing the Assembly –

“Time’s Up! Move!”

And the scene vanished. I woke up just then with a rumbling tummy. The time was 2.10 am.

What I think this dream was trying to tell me, was to haul my backside to the kitchen and raid the fridge – which was exactly what I did that night.

The dream came up during a hectic work month about a year ago. I will not elaborate on what I had been working on other than say that my diet went down the drain that month. I had put on 5 kg – no kidding – and it took me many moons later to shed it off.

And as for the World leaders in the dream, I think I’ll leave them be to hold up their pocket flags for now… 

Heh 🙂

For The daily prompt: freudian flips 




4 comments on “FREUDIAN FLIPS: Hunger World

  1. bkpyett
    June 21, 2014

    Most interesting dream, I don’t think it was just food, being surrounded by so many important people… what did this mean?


    • raroto
      June 21, 2014

      Uhm…I don’t know. Maybe I was due for a year-long vacation around the world?I’m still waiting tho…LOL!


  2. ChristineR
    June 21, 2014

    I love the image conjured up by your eyes behaving like ping pong balls. 😀


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