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One day, your favorite piece of art – a famous painting or sculpture, the graffiti next door – comes to life. What happens next?


There was a loud pounding on the front door of my apartment.

I jumped out of bed knocking over the alarm clock sitting on the side-table. I picked it up and saw the glowing hands showed 1.06 am.

Who on earth could that be?

I slipped on my night robe and shuffled through the apartment in the dark. I looked through the peephole but saw nothing. Half-curious, half-afraid I undid the safety chain and opened the door slightly.

No one outside. I pried my head further out into the hallway, looked from side to side. Not a single soul.

Hm. Probably the knockings came from downstairs. Whatever.

I shut the door, locked it and padded back to the bedroom. I stumbled into bed without bothering to remove the robe. I fell asleep soon enough, until…


My eyes snapped open but I laid still under the covers for a few seconds, listening intently.

Lehhhhs Liieeee… There it was again. Someone or some thing was whispering my name and it’s coming from everywhere at once.

I rolled over and switched on the nightstand. The whispering ceased. Suddenly everything fell quiet. Very still. The silence was almost deafening.

My heart was beating wildly as I sat up in bed and scanned the room slowly taking in every detail, every shadow, every silhouette. Nothing seemed out of place. And most importantly, no more whisperings.

My racing heart slowed down a notch and I breathed a sigh of relief. I must have imagined it after all.

I turned off the light, rolled over and got comfortable. But before I could even close my eyes, the room suddenly lit up with lights so bright it stung my eyes. I had to cover them and peek through my fingers to see where it’s coming from.

It certainly wasn’t from the nightstand as I had just switched it off; not  the ceiling lights either. So where could it…

O. My. God.

The Doll House!!

The Doll House on the shelf by the door.. The damn lights were coming from its tiny windows!

How could that be?!! It’s all made of ceramic. I should know. I bought it on Ebay!!

But before I could do anything else, the poundings began.

The windows rattled. Opening and shutting like crazy.

And the Whispers came back. Only this time they were louder. Screeching, mercilessly.


Ear-splitting screams filled the room, and they weren’t mine.

Oh God make them stop. Make them go away!

I tried to cover my ears but the minute I removed my hands from my eyes the shining lights bore into them like a laser torch, almost blinding me.

I knew I had to get out of the room. This is getting out of hand and I was not about to wait a second longer.

I staggered out of bed and headed towards the direction of the bedroom door. Arms flailing about trying to find my way when suddenly there was a loud crash. And just as soon, silence descended, like a curtain. The chaos has ended. I could see clearly again.

In front of me laid the remains of the Doll House – smashed into pieces.

Peace at last.

4 comments on “Living Art: THE DOLL HOUSE

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  3. ChristineR
    June 16, 2014

    Oh wow! love it, so perfect a built up, a perfect ending. Love the brought it on ebay touch. 🙂 I’ll press Follow now.


    • raroto
      June 17, 2014

      Appreciate the compliment, and the follow Christine 🙂


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