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Weekly Photo Challenge: LETTERS

this little fella knows his alphabet: K for KERA* (*monkey) thanks for stopping by!   [WPC:Letters]

April 26, 2014 · 14 Comments

Daily Prompt: Teenage Idol

My teenage idol was none other than Paul Michael Glaser from Starsky & Hutch. Any teenager growing up back in the late 70’s early 80’s would know the show for … Continue reading

April 26, 2014 · 12 Comments

Weekly Photo Challenge: ON TOP (#2 – eggs)

the Price of eggs these days. wpc: on top

April 23, 2014 · Leave a comment

Zooming In On: KATHMANDU

Getting to know you. Dear readers, I generally enjoy taking ‘people’ photos; even more so when traveling. For me, the human element adds that extra umph to the places I … Continue reading

April 21, 2014 · 7 Comments

Five Rules to Remember in Life

1. Forgive your enemy but remember the bastard’s name. 2. Money can’t buy happiness but it’s better to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle.  3. Help someone when … Continue reading

April 20, 2014 · 5 Comments

Weekly Photo Challenge: ON TOP

high and dry  wpc: On top

April 19, 2014 · 8 Comments


Wasn’t Me… The Dog Did It.

April 17, 2014 · 2 Comments


Come to me when I purr. 

April 16, 2014 · Leave a comment


Here’s a collection of photos showcasing a series of traditional Malay dances. This is my first attempt at dance-photography, so please excuse the (numerous!) imperfections. I’ve decided to make a … Continue reading

April 13, 2014 · 4 Comments

An Award? For Me? Yay-ness!

Oh Me Oh My, I just got me an Award! Ta-Da… A big bIG BIG TERIMA KASIH to L of http://shoot2blog.wordpress.com/2014/04/06/ive-been-nominated-for-the-liebster-award/comment-page-1/#comment-93 who has graciously put up Duniyaku on the nominees list … Continue reading

April 11, 2014 · 10 Comments

SANTUBONG, the Princess Mountain

Mount Santubong bears the legend of two princesses from Heaven ~ Santubong and Sejinjang ~ who had quarreled over a man. The fight got out of hand which angered their father, … Continue reading

April 5, 2014 · Leave a comment

For the Love of …. The NORTH BORNEO RAILWAY

Last week, I flew across the South China Sea, to catch a train. Not just any ordinary train, but the Vulcan steam locomotive … and a mighty fine hunk of … Continue reading

April 1, 2014 · 10 Comments

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