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Daily Prompt: LUCKY STAR

Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?

Wish # 1
I wish the Aurora Borealis is visible from Malaysia so that I don’t have to fly all the way to Norway or Canada to see it. It’s bloody expensive to fly there, you know…

With the kind of money I make now, it’ll take me donkey years to save up for the trip, and another eternity to get the bosses to approve my leave.

Wish # 2
I wish someone had talked me out of taking up law. Well, may be more like talk me out of joining the public attorney’s office. I should’ve have set up my own firm..

I could almost see myself strolling in to the courtroom decked from top to toe in Armani accompanied by six interns (to carry the pilot case, iPad and water bottle) while the underpaid, harried prosecutor sits and pouts at her end of the bar table after being made to wait half of the morning for mister big-shot defense attorney to make his appearance.

And don’t get me started on the cranky old judge who decided after waking up one morning that it was his God-given right to harass the (underpaid, harried) prosecutor every day of the week. Where is your witness/Why isn’t the defense counsel here yet/Who turned off the air conditioning?!

What the.

Wish # 3
I wish to be a cat. Life is easy being a cat…

  • Free food.
  • Sleep all day.
  • Ignore the female human who speaks with a funny voice. Whatchudoinkittykat..? What does it look like I’m doing, stupid.
  • Break the vase and get away with it simply by rubbing against stupid female human legs.
  • Free back/neck/belly rubs.
  • More free food.

Aah, Pure.Bliss!

Heh 🙂

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