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Tribute to the cats of Istanbul

Cats. You gotta love ’em! Such endearing creatures to look at and for me, they are an instant pick-me-up even on the lousiest days.



The cats of Istanbul are most happy when they’re full
so don’t think it indiscreet if they hover at your feet
while soliciting a treat.
They may thank you with a purr
or let you stroke their fur
before slinking down the street.

The cats of Istanbul are quite simply wonderful
so don’t ever be afraid if they turn up on parade
while you sip your lemonade.
They may greet you with “miaow”
or take a furry bow
as they breach your barricade.

The cats of Istanbul are just anything but dull
so don’t judge them at first glance before giving them a chance
to include you in their dance.
T.S. Eliot agreed
that cats are what we need
to help soothe our circumstance..

-Ian Mole, London UK: The Cats of Istanbul












One prominent landmark of Istanbul for me, apart from the majestic hundred years old architecture; is definitely innumerable…

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