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I spent a lazy New Year afternoon in front of the idiot box, flicking mechanically on the remote, not really expecting to find anything worthwhile to watch.

I know I should be exercising, but my evil half – the
Procrastinator – got the better of me. As always.

Five minutes later, I found myself gawking at a rugged blond hunk standing on a river bank, half-naked with wet bulging muscles in all the right places.

Now, now, people, get your mind out of the gutter! I was only watching the Vikings series on the History Channel. Strictly PG rated, too, if you must know.

Anyway, the scene centred on a baptizing ritual. This sexy Viking dude has had his head dunked into the water by the priest (he’s fully clothed, of course), and afterwards he walked away, flashing well-toned arms, washboard abs and a tight tush…

And that got me thinking, whether Viking men actually looked that good back in the 10, 11th century. And supposing they did, how’d they manage that? 

I reckon it must be from all that rowing those  longships across the high seas, to go on a viking, so to speak. It’s a sure-fire way to tone the arms, shoulders and abs, I bet.

Reminded me of this one time I tried canoeing on a lake at a park. Saw other people doing it and I thought, hey I can do that. I ended up being towed back ashore when my shoulder muscles cramped in the middle of the lake. Paddling a canoe is hard work, okay.

Going back to the Vikings, my guess is that there had to be some kind of a physical regimen that they had to keep up, before they went out to sea. Huffing and puffing in their rowboats in the cold Icelandic waters, chasing away enemy ships, only to get stalled halfway through because someone skipped the warming-up session, wouldn’t have gone down well in the captain’s log book, don’t you think?

Just thinking aloud. Heh 🙂


So, what d'ya think?

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