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Have you ever thought about…

Why we have a little toe? What’s it for? Can it do tricks, like strum a guitar, or burst a balloon, or maybe pick up a pencil off the floor?

I can do that with my big toe. Pick up a pencil, I mean. Bet you can, too. Go on, don’t be shy now, no one’s looking… 😉

Now, back to the question at hand: why do we have a little toe?

Well, I know they’re God-given, so no need to preach here, thank you very much.

And yeah, them little toes complete the set of fives on each foot. You go around with one missing and people will start staring.

Anxious moms and dads would always count the limbs of their newborn just to make sure they’re all there.

Just for the record, I came out into this world with all ten toes perfectly intact.

And they’re still there – those same cute little ones which I have been staring at for the last. half. hour. after my brains suddenly decide to stop working after the second line of my reporting assignment (aarrgghh!!) And guess what, it’s due tomorrow (double aarrgghh!!).

So, what’s all this song and dance about really?

Writer’s block, that’s what! Not that I’m claiming to be a writer or anything. It’s just that it’s close to 2 in the morning, I got a deadline to meet, and my mind don’t seem to want to cooperate with me.

They say when you get writer’s block, don’t stop writing. Just scribble away whatever that comes to mind, to get your brain up and running, and the creative juices flowing again.

So there you go, folks. Now y’all know what’s behind this totally random, bushwa of a question!



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