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Why do people take pictures of food before eating?

I can understand it if you’re a professional photographer or a foodie on an assignment for a magazine or blog.

But for those of you who aren’t, what’s your story, eh?

Here’s an example of a typical scene at a restaurant:
Miss A walks in, place her orders and wait passively at the table. The minute the waiter arrives with the food, she suddenly comes alive, whips out her iPhone, and starts clicking away with such intensity she’ll put Steve McCurry to shame.

Is this some new ritual someone forgot to tell me? Coz the last time I checked, the rules were simpler: food comes – eat food – pay bill – leave.

Every Tom Dick Harry and Jane does this. All the time. Every where. In 5-star hotels, fast-food joints, roadside stalls you name it. Once, even at a hospital cafeteria! I kid you not.

How ‘stylishly appetizing‘ can a 2-ringgit plate of fried noodles be? And, tell me honestly, do those soft-boiled eggs in soy sauce really deserve a space in the memory card?

Oh, and did I mention, that there are those who’d do a Before and After snapshots? Oyessirreebob! And where do the pictures end up? On Facebook, of course! Pictures of dirty plates, empty glasses, chicken bones, half-eaten God Knows what, become major News Feeds of the hour every hour. Geez.

Okay, I’ve said my peace.

Now, it’s your turn, Miss Nothing-Better-To-Do-Must-Take-Food-Pictures.

Enlighten me, please.


Come to think of it, the pictures might be helpful for autopsy records

On second thoughts, maybe not. Heh.


So, what d'ya think?

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