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I’ve always had trouble remembering people’s names.

I recall clearly this one incident many years ago. I was browsing in a bookstore when I heard my name being called out from behind me. I turned around and saw that it was a friend whom I met at work, several months earlier. A nice lady – chatty, friendly and all. We’ve crossed paths once in a while, and got along quite well although we never socialized after work.

Anyway, I had no trouble recognizing her and we started chit-chatting for nearly 2 hours; and in all that time – yep, you guessed it, I Couldn’t.Remember her Name! Of course I didn’t come outright and ask, afraid that she’d be offended. And so, there I was, enjoying our conversation while frantically racking my brains to recall her name.

I never did find out though, ‘coz we lost contact when I moved to another city soon after that *sigh*

More recently, met an old friend from my childhood days. It turns out he’s staying in the same neighbourhood. We shook hands and almost immediately he said, “you forgot my name. He wasn’t asking. Oops.

This happens a lot – with friends, relatives, and even senior colleagues at work (gasp!). What makes it dumber is that those whom I bumped into actually knew mine! I realized these absent-minded episodes started even when I was a lot younger, so I don’t think age has anything to do with it – not saying anything about being old here, mind you.

So, what to do? I have tried some tips to help me, but have not been successful so far. It could’ve gotten worse tho, but then came Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc, and that helped some, thankfully.

Well, now that you know about my, shall I say, disability, the next time we meet, and you see that strange far-away look on my face, just go ahead and gimme a good whack on the head! You’d be doing us both a favor! Heh.


3 comments on “Uhm, WHAT’S YOUR NAME AGAIN?

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