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I verily believe it ought to be in the list of the 7 Deadly Sins. It already is, in my book, at least.

“Sloth” would’ve covered it, you might say. Perhaps, but to procrastinate is not the same as being lazy, IMHO. A lazy bum does Nothing except sit around watching the continents move. I, on the other hand, am always occupied with work at the office, so that doesn’t make me a Sloth, right?

Procrastinate is my middle name, and I think I’m way past repentance. If I had a penny every time I say “I’ll do it later“, I’d be a millionaire by now. Instead of going for that much-needed haircut, or cleaning up the bathroom, or working out on the treadmill like a good girl, I’d end up doing something totally non-constructive … like fiddling with the phone while watching reruns on telly.

Sure, the chores get done eventually, but only after running chapters of self-loathing in my head, and breathing into a paper bag to ease the palpitation. Yet, I haven’t learnt my lesson.

I will, someday. Just not now. Heh.


One comment on “THE 8th DEADLY SIN (?)

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